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Mon, 01 May 2006
Frequently Ask Question 1. What is Madelicious Bakeshop? Madelicious Bakeshop is fast growing business, which started operation in July 1998 in the City of Iligan. 2. Who are the people behind Madelicious Bakeshop? Owned and managed by Mr. Marianito Dumadag Alemania and Mrs. Madel Penaso Alemania. Due to business demand Madelicious Foods Corporation was created to cater franchisees. The corporation was registered with the Security and Exchange Commission on December 14, 2004 and now accepting franchisees all over the country. 3. How many branches does Madelicious have? Now Madelicious Bakeshop has 44 branches and outlets all over Mindanao, Tagbilaran City, and in Metro Manila. Madelicious Bakeshop are enjoyed at 44 branches nationwide: Branches LUZON Commonwealth Market, Quezon City Commonwealth Market Outlet, Quezon City Luzon Ave. Quezon City Visayan Ave. Tandang Sora, Quezon City Litex Quezon City Malaria, Caloocan City Sta. Rosa, Laguna VISAYAS Belderol St. Tagbilaran City Cogon Market Outlet, Tagbilaran City M. Paras St. Tagbilaran City Gallares St. Tsgbilaran City MINDANAO Molave, Zamboanga del Sur F. S. Pajares Avenue, Pagadian City Inside Public Market, Pagadian City Magsaysay St. Pagadian City Capistrano – Gomez Street, Ozamis City Cabili Avenue, Iligan City Juan Luna, Sabayle St. Iligan City Quezon Avenue, Iligan City Plaza, Iligan City Obach Street, Iligan City B. S. Ong Street, Iligan City Aguinaldo Street, Iligan City Laya Street, Iligan City Branch 1, Linamon, Lanao del Norte Branch 2, Linamon, Lanao del Norte Lugait, Misamis Oriental Osmena St. Cogon, Cagayan de Oro City Vamenta St. Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City V. Roa, Cagayan de Oro City Agora, Cagayan de Oro City Carmen Market, Cagayan de Oro City G. Flores, Butuan City Langihan,Butuan City Fortich street, Malaybalay City Public Market, Malaybalay City Mandani Arcade, Malaybalay City Fortich- Moreno St, Malaybalay City-Outlet M.L.Quezon–Magsaysay St, Valencia City Lavina Ave. – Fortich Street, Valencia City Quezon, Bukidnon Kalilangan, Bukidnon Wao, Lanao del Sur Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon 4. How much is a Madelicious Bakeshop franchise? Investment in a Madelicious Bakeshop franchise P 900,000 to P 1,200,000 depending on how big is the area of renovation. This investment includes Franchise fee of 150,000, Construction of the site, Bakeshop facilities and equipments, Furniture and fixtures, Signage, Pre-operating expense and Initial ingredients 5. What will Madelicious Bakeshop franchise cover? Like most successful franchise systems, Madelicious Bakeshop franchise system has invested in research and development, consulting with franchise, marketing, advertising and brand professionals to build a strong Madelicious Bakeshop brand recognized today. The franchise fee allows a franchisee the initial license to use the Madelicious Bakeshop name and trademark and Learn Madelicious Bakeshop proven system and operation 6. Once a franchisee, will be there other fees to be paid to the Madelicious Foods Corporation franchisor? Of the earnings to be made monthly, 4% of the gross sales will be funneled back to the Madelicious Foods Corporation franchisor, broken down as follows: 2.5% Royalty Fee, 1% Advertising Contribution Fee for National Advertising Program, .5% for Local Marketing Support Fund. This fund will benefit all franchisees as they will be spent for promotion and marketing of the brand. 7. What assistance will I receive from the Madelicious Bakeshop franchisor? Value added services offered by Madelicious Foods Corporation includes Site selection assistance, Training in the Madelicious Bakeshop system for the franchisee and initial store team, Design, planning and construction assistance, Opening assistance (flyers, streamers, leaflets and mascot), Operation manual, Continuous day-to-day operation assistance, Central commissary to supply outlet needs, Training programs (payment will be shouldered by the franchisee after a year), Regular communications system with franchisee, On –going marketing and product development, Regular meeting and field visitations by Madelicious Bakeshop Franchise Support Group team for on-site assistance, and Information and technology system that could make a smoother and technology based operation. 8. What other advantages can we get from franchising Madelicious Bakeshop? Wide areas available for franchise: · Metro Manila · Southern Luzon Cities and Provinces · Central Luzon Cities and Provinces · Northern Luzon Cities and Provinces · Central Visayas Cities and Provinces · Western Visayas Cities and Provinces · Eastern Visayas Cities and Provinces · Southern Mindanao Cities and Provinces · Western Mindanao Cities and Provinces 8. What is the usual term of the franchise contract? A Madelicious Bakeshop franchise contract covers 5 years. And is renewable. 9. How long does the franchise attain (ROI) Return of Investment and Payback? ROI’s varies, depending on many factors including but limited to sales, rental cost, and operating efficiency. However, based on existing franchisee’s experience, the payback range from 1 to 2 years. 10. How do I know if my chosen site is acceptable? Franchise applicants should look for sites that are located in high traffic commercial/business districts accessible to both pedestrian and motorists. During the initial talks with Madelicious Bakeshop management, we will provide the applicant with our site selection criteria. We will also request the viability of the site by conducting the Market Study. Madelicious Bakeshop management will then evaluate the prospective location by verifying the Market Study. 11. How big should the Madelicious Bakeshop be? The size of the area required for a Madelicious Bakeshop is dependent on the bakeshop model that will develop in a particular market. The franchisee shall make an initial selection of the site, which is then subject for approval by the Management of Madelicious Bakeshop. The standard floor area requirement is at least 50sq. meters and the site frontage should no less than 4 meters. 12. Who hires the bakery staff? How about their system? The franchisee is advised to directly hire the required number of bakery staff, based on the standard set by the company. A consultative is also provided to assist the crew and sees to it that proper operation standards are followed daily. The company can accommodate apprenticeship for bakery staff as long as this is conducted at the company- owned bakeries. 13. What type of training will the Madelicious Bakeshop franchisee receive? The Madelicious Bakeshop training program will orient both the owners/managers and the staff on how a Madelicious Bakeshop is managed and operated. On how proper recording, bookkeeping, auditing, and daily monitoring scheme are done. Establishing and maintaining the bakeshop standards owners/managers must attend and complete trainings and seminars to the satisfaction of franchisor prior to bakeshop opening. The franchisee’s bakeshop personnel are required to attend and complete additional training programs. 14. How is franchise applicants evaluated? Madelicious Bakeshop applicants are evaluated using the following criteria: · Passion for food and business · Financial capacity · Panel interview results · Belief in Madelicious Bakeshop concept 15. Where can we contact Madelicious Bakeshop? Madelicious Bakeshop head office is located at: Madelicious Foods Corporation Macapagal Avenue, Camague Highway, Tubod, Iligan City 9200 Fax no. (063) 221 – 6513 For franchise inquiries, please contact: Mr. Marianito D. Alemania MFC President Tel.; 063-223-0048 Cel.; 09177529909 Email: dodong_alemania@yahoo.com madeliciousbakeshop@zoomshare.com Mrs. Gema P. Auman Franchise Director Tel: Fax: Cel: Email: More information on Madelicious Bakeshop franchise program is available at www.madeliciousbakeshop.zoomshare.com

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where does madelicious got its name?
Where does Madelicious got its name? In the early 80s when the famous song of Yoyoy Villame entitled “ syon” in which the lyrics of the song all ended in tion/sion. E.g.consimission, constipation, ambition, participation etc. our barkada also uses the word “cious” in which all our names and root words used will end with “ cious”. If her name is Mary Anne and we will call her “maryannicious” and if his name is nical, we will call him “nicalicious” Example of our conversation: Mary Ann: nicalicious, punta tayong “smicious” para magshoppingicious. Nical: Sige “mary Annicious” para “mag- enjoyicious tayo. During those times, the couples were still sweethearts to hear the rings a bell to the ears of Mr. Alemania to hear the nice sounding name “ Madelicious” for Madel, which sounds like “taglish” a combined tagalog words masarap and malinamnam and English word delicious. And he said that if they get married? They will have a food business naming it “ Madelicious”. The birth of the first restaurant was a dream come true for the couple. They even use the “cious” in their daily conversation and when greetings and entertaining their constumers.

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history of madelicious bakeshop
History of Madelicious Bakeshop Madelicious Bakeshop is owned and managed by Mr. Marianito Dumadag Alemania and Mrs. Madel Penaso Alemania both from the Island of Bohol. They started as a stockholder and partner in managing a bakeshop business in Iligan City in the 1992. On may 8, 1997 the couple started their own restaurant business and Madelicious Ihaw – Ihaw. A year later they opened another restaurant and named it Madelicious Native foods. Both restaurants are located in Iligan City. In July of the same year the partnership was dissolved with several bakeshop branches. The couple then invested their time, efforts and resources in focus of their 5 bakeshop branches name it Madelicious Bakeshop.

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